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Cozzia CZ-680 (Zen 3D Pro) Massage Chair

Cozzia CZ-680 (Zen 3D Pro) Massage Chair

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  • Premium Quality Products

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Warranty: 3 years in-home service & 3 years parts

Dimensions: (LxWxH) 62.2″ x 33.1″ x 47.6″

Weight capacity: 320 lbs


  • Chair Doctor Powered by AI

    One of the most important massage advancements to date, the Chair Doctor program, uses AI technology to create a massage based on your current tension and stress. Using the hand-held biometric scanner, GSR control sensors are utilized to send biofeedback information to sense your tension areas. PPG technology can read your heart rate to analyze your stress levels. The Chair Doctor also measures your SP02 blood oxygen levels. The program uses all of this data to provide a unique massage just for you.

  • Dual Lumbar Massage

    Dual air compression chambers are strategically placed in the left and right sides of the lower back to target and release stiffness. Pressure within the airbags provides micro- adjustment of the spine for unbeatable stretching and spinal alignment. The air compression areas can be independently adjusted with 3 levels of intensity.

  • Immediate Pain Relief

    Compressed spinal discs are the leading cause of back pain. If you suffer from this the Qi XE Pro offers four different stretch options. The Cozzia Qi XE Pro holds you in place, bends you backward slowly but firmly, which takes pressure off the discs in your spine providing a similar effect to a therapeutic spinal adjustment at a chiropractor’s office.

  • L-Track

    The more massage coverage with the massage rollers, the more healing, the more relaxation. The Qi XE Pro massage ​chair uses a 54-inch-long massage roller track that follows the natural shape of the spine. The L shaped track allows for massage starting at the back of the head, neck, and shoulders, traveling down the spine contouring underneath the glues to target and release these important muscle groups.

  • M.5 Gen Microprocessor

    The M.5 Gen Microprocessor results in faster speed, higher accuracy, and a better massage.

  • Brushless DC Motor

    A smaller, faster motor outputs more power with less friction and noise, extending the life of your chair.

  • 4D Vario Motion Intelligent Rollers

    Bringing your massage therapist home, the most advanced 4D rollers glide with precise motions, and meticulous speed adjustments, that emulate the human hands for therapeutic massage. With a wider massage area than ever before, the updated 4D Vario Motion rollers deliver a more accurate massage than any other massage chair. Fast sensing technology elevates the massage by targeting therapy to problem areas and quickly relieve tight back muscles. Pinpointing key muscle groups along the spine, Smart Acupunctural Point Detection targets 36 Acupuncture points for optimal spinal relief.

  • Quick Action Massage

    The quick action air compressor gives you an intelligent air squeeze massage on both arms.

  • Hand-Crafted Upholstery

    The Cozzia Qi XE Pro’s sleek lines and handstitched upholstery are tested to last. Withstanding 100,000 oscillating cycles, this chair has the looks and ultimate durability to ensure beauty that lasts.

  • Voice Control Compatibility

    Have control over your massage and your chair, just by using your voice.

  • Light up your mood

    The Qi XE Pro has unique LED chromotherapy lighting that moves in patterns and changes colors depending on the option you choose. Enjoy your own music through the built-in speaker and drown out the outside world.

  • Air Compression Massage

    Air compression massage aids in circulation for faster healing and better overall health. The Cozzia Qi XE Pro employs 64 air compression chambers to target and release stiffness.

  • Smart Dial and Quick Action Controls

    Use the quick action controls to get into a relax and stretch program straight away, adjust the heat, or control the recline adjustments of your chair. The smart dial allows you to power on and off the chair quickly and adjusts the back massage intensity on the fly by simply turning the dial right for more depth or left for a gentler massage.

  • 7″ Touch Screen

    Large touch screen remote powered by 5th Gen Microprocessors. Global massage programs, including Swedish, Chinese, Thai, Japanese, and Balinese. Full body stretch programs and AI-designed programs for the spine and back. Partial body programs target problem areas like the neck and shoulders, or lower back. Create/tailor a program specifically for you, and save it for reuse.

  • Adjustable Leg Extension

    The automatic leg extension will accommodate everyone in the house with 11 inches of length adjustment. The stop sensor feels the bottom of your foot and stops for the perfect leg position.

  • Advanced Reflexology

    The Qi XE Pro has tri-action foot rollers that use two levels of shiatsu foot rolling combined with immersive air pressure massage to create deep tissue foot massage

Technology Specifications


  • 4D Human-like Vario Motion™ Mechanism
  • Long Track Massage from Neck to Buttock
  • 54 inches in length Long Track Massage
  • 3 inch 4D Node Extension
  • Dual Heating in Calf/Knee
  • Dual Heating Lower Back & Seat
  • 6 Unique Massage Techniques
  • 23 Auto Programs
  • 1 Chair Doctor Program
  • 3 Custom Massage Programs
  • 1 Spot Program
  • Tri-Action Foot and Sole Roller Massag

Air Massage

  • Heat Therapy for Legs
  • Adjustable Foot & Calf Length to Find a Larger Height Range
  • Arm Massage
  • Seat and Thigh Massage
  • Foot, Knee and Calf Massage
  • 64 Airbags
  • 3 Air Intensity Levels


  • Amazon Alexa Voice Control
  • Smartphone APP
  • M.5 Gen Microprocessor
  • One-Touch Zero Gravity
  • Brushless DC Motor
  • Full Back Acupoint Heating
  • Chromotherapy 2.0 with 7 Mode Lighting
  • Bluetooth Speaker for Music
  • Precise Body Scanning
  • Max Massage Time: 30 Minutes
  • Wall Hugging / Space Saving / 5 – Inches from Wall


  • Dimensions (L x W x H): 62.2×33.1×47.6
  • Full Recline (L x W x H): 77.2×33.1×41.3
  • Power Voltage: 110 -120V
  • Rated Frequency: 60Hz
  • Weight Capacity: 320 LBS
  • Power Consumption:
  • Power of Speakers: 14W (2 Sides)
  • Power Supply Wiring Length: 70.9”
  • Gross Weight: 302.4 LBS
  • Net Weight: 258.9 LBS
  • Usage Condition: Environmental
  • Temperature: 50’f – 104’f
  • Storage Temperature: 68’f – 140’f

Seat Adjustment

  • Automatic Knee & Calf Adjustment
  • Quick Access Buttons Embedded in Armrest
  • One Touch Zero Gravity Position
  • One Touch Lie-Flat & Home Restore Button
  • Adjust Backrest and Footrest At Any Desirable Position
  • Auto Leg Length Detectable
  • Inductive-stop Sensors in Footrest


  • 7” Wired Touch-Screen Control
  • Armrest Control Panel
  • Safety
  • Child Protection Safety Lock
  • Equipped with Overheating
  • Power Surge Detector


  • Box # 1 (Back & Base): 57.7″x30.3″x39.4″ Weight: 211.6lbs 
  • Box # 2 (Side Panel): 50.4″x15.0″x26.8″ Weight: 50.7 lbs 
  • Box # 3 (Foot Rest): 22.8″x19.7″x24.4″ Weight: 61.7 lbs 


Heavy Duty Structure

Extendable Leg Extension

Automatic Programs

Shoulder Width Adjustment

Advanced Reflexology

Dual Lumbar Heat Therapy

Powerful Sound

7″ Touch Screen

Double Body Scan

Smart Sense Air Compression

2 Stage Zero Gravity

Beautiful Inside and Out

3D Smart Roller Technology

Customer Reviews

We are so happy with the customer service and quality of selection here! Teresa was very welcoming and answered all of our MANY questions. She gave us genuine advice and spent quality time helping us make the best decision. We are sleeping better than ever. Delivery was easy and prompt

- Erin Davidson

I'll never buy a bed anywhere else! Affordable, friendly, and SO easy to work with! I've purchased maybe 5 mattresses now from these folks. The owner is often standing right there at the desk. They delivery, set-up your frame, etc. So wonderful and personable and real. No nonsense. How a VT-owned business should be.

- Ginger Vieira

The mattress set I bought has been amazing , love it so much, went back and bought a bureau ThAt is Amish made it is so beautiful. I am buying a matching bed frame now. I also bought a mattress cover , it was easy to but on and works so well!! Thank you Sean and Theresa!!!

- Carla Cyr

This store is run by a young husband and wife with a 3 1/2 yr old kid who plays quietly behind the counter. When I entered, they greeted me but didn’t bum-rush me, which would have been annoying. Once I approached them, they were helpful, knowledgeable, and was able to get me exactly what I wanted and then through in a small discount.

- James D.

Just got our bed from Vermont Mattress Depot yesterday. I had the mattress delivered the very next day! They were courteous from beginning to end. The delivery guys were super friendly and careful. We have a tiny upstairs apartment and they were able to navigate our narrow hallways with ease! Speaking from experience, in all my 36 revolutions around the earth, this has been by far the best night sleep.

- Chris Leach
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