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Medium Loft

Enjoy sturdy support for your head and neck in side sleeping positions. Our medium loft (6.5" for standard size, 7.5" for king size) fits snugly beneath your head and ensures proper spinal alignment.

Shredded Memory Foam Core

Our premium pillow core combines 90% shredded memory foam with 10% gel polyester foam for just enough contouring beneath your head without sacrificing durability or support.

All Night Cooling Comfort

Our premium pillows are designed with an external cover made from TENCEL™ fibers to maximize airflow and breathability and keep you cool while you sleep. This hypoallergenic fabric also offers efficient moisture wicking and a soft, smooth feel.


Standard Side Sleeper 18" W x 26" L Loft: 6.5" Fill Weight: 2.2 lbs 

King Side Sleeper 18" W x 34" L Loft: 7.5" Fill Weight: 2.9 lbs


External cover: breathable TENCEL™ fibers

Core: 90% Shredded Memory Foam / 10% Gel Polyester Fiber

Customer Reviews

Erin Davidson

We are so happy with the customer service and quality of selection here! Teresa was very welcoming and answered all of our MANY questions. She gave us genuine advice and spent quality time helping us make the best decision. We are sleeping better than ever. Delivery was easy and prompt

Ginger Vieira

I'll never buy a bed anywhere else! Affordable, friendly, and SO easy to work with! I've purchased maybe 5 mattresses now from these folks. The owner is often standing right there at the desk. They delivery, set-up your frame, etc. So wonderful and personable and real. No nonsense. How a VT-owned business should be.

Carla Cyr

The mattress set I bought has been amazing , love it so much, went back and bought a bureau ThAt is Amish made it is so beautiful. I am buying a matching bed frame now. I also bought a mattress cover , it was easy to but on and works so well!! Thank you Sean and Theresa!!!

James D.

This store is run by a young husband and wife with a 3 1/2 yr old kid who plays quietly behind the counter. When I entered, they greeted me but didn’t bum-rush me, which would have been annoying. Once I approached them, they were helpful, knowledgeable, and was able to get me exactly what I wanted and then through in a small discount.

Chris Leach

Just got our bed from Vermont Mattress Depot yesterday. I had the mattress delivered the very next day! They were courteous from beginning to end. The delivery guys were super friendly and careful. We have a tiny upstairs apartment and they were able to navigate our narrow hallways with ease! Speaking from experience, in all my 36 revolutions around the earth, this has been by far the best night sleep.

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